Hardcore Patriot

Hosted ByAllen Ray

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our founding fathers had a great idea, but it takes a lot of work to maintain a republic…. if we can keep it. The Hardcore Patriot not only focuses on politics, but fitness, survival, and living the good life in America! Throw in a little humor and each show promises to entertain as well as educate!

The Political Parties of the Future and More

The Democrat Party is falling apart. The GOP is, too. What will the future of these two parties be? That and more on today's #HardcorePatriot

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Hardcore Patriot Vs Cultural Appropriation

What is Cultural Appropriation and why should you care? Heat survival, 72 hr bag for summer, USS Fitzgerald and more......

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Hang On To Your Life Replay From 04 15 17

Classic from the vaults! Recorded on 04 15 17, the Hardcore Patriot explores what your life would look like if WWIII came to America!

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Hardcore Patroit At The End Of The World

Sad Polar Bears, Exploding Penguins, People Frying.....Its the END OF THE WORLD!! (Again) Plus; First Ever Toilet Plunger Award Recipient! And More.......

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