He Said, She Said

Hosted ByAggie and Mickey

Join Aggie and Mickey as they put a spin on mundane topics from two different points of view.

Fast Women and Faster Food

Aggie and Mickey return for another Friday of shenanigans and discuss all hot topics of their week and ending on a discussion of favorite fast foods.

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Anniversary Episode Extravaganza

Aggie and Mickey celebrate their first anniversary on the air together, anniversary shennigans ensue, and for the main course, Aggie and Mickey discuss their ultimate all-time dinner party guest...

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Celebrity Run-Ins

Aggie and Mickey discuss their individual stories and anecdotes of meeting various celebrities.

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Jobs? We Don’t Need No Stinking Jobs!

Aggie and Mickey return live and boozing it up where the usual shenanigans ensue and they eventually discuss childhood dream jobs vs adulthood dream jobs.

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Witty Zombie Title Episode

Aggie and Mickey couldn't think of anything to talk about so they decide to talk about Zombies and whatever pops up.

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Family Game Night!

Aggie and Mickey gather the ol' family around the table and talk about everyone's favorite and least favorite board games.

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