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Every other Friday, enjoy the refreshingly non-political podcast about everything else!


This episode: A tribute to Thanksgiving! Plus....the long awaited Software Defined Radio review!

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IDTFF111519 with Co-Host Anthony James and Music Guest Richard Alvin Trulson!

Anthony James joins me again to give a rundown of The Outer Worlds , why we STILL don't have a cure for the common cold, and more! PLUS.... Special Music Guest...

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IDTFF 110119 – Where It All Began and What Is An X37-B?

Where do we come from? What has been flying around our planet the last two years? What happens when we sleep? This and more on #IDoThisForFree!

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IDTFF10419 Are We Alone?

Are you afraid to relax? You're not alone. Will we find life on other planets? How will it effect our life? #Nerdfest

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