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IDTFF061519 A

I'm back! More #Nerdfest and a few TajMo tunes to start your weekend off right! Enjoy!

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REPLAY! IDTFF Autism Awareness Special w/ guest Heather Couchenour

While your humble host recovers from a nasty summer cold, do yourself a favor and listen to this Autism Awareness replay from 03/29/19 withe special guest Heather Couchenour

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IDTFF 06 01 19 Head Bangers and Conspiracy Theorists

This show: Good News For Head-Bangers Frozen vs Fresh Mastery vs Generalization Conspiracies!

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IDTFF 052519: Memorial Day and You Are Being Tracked!

This Episode: Memorial Day History Dog Lovers Have Better DNA You Are Being Tracked, And more........

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IDTFF 050419: So You Have Something to Say? Try Podcasting! , Narwhals and Death Meteors!

This Episode : As promised, step by step guide to start your own podcast PLUS: Narwhals, Death meteors and life goals!!

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